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A Kitesurfing lesson at Srilanka Kite school
A Kitesurfing lesson at Srilanka Kite school


ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR COURSE (AITC) - 3 Days - US$ 250 + 52$ Workbook and IKO Fees

Take your kiteboarding skills to the next level. Teach!
Do you want a job as an IKO Kiteboard Instructor? If yes, then take this course to start your career!
The Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC) is the first level towards a progressive and elite career as an IKO Kiteboard Instructor.

INSTRUCTOR COURSES (ITC) - 5 Days - US$ 890 (Payment by paypal or bank transfer + 4%)

If you are dreaming about international career, as professional kiteboarding instructor join us now! Instructor Training Course is your ticket to start your career as International Kiteboarding Organization instructor (IKO) with worldwide known and honored license.

To become a certified IKO Instructor, a 5-day Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a must. The ITC expands all theoretical and practice knowledge into a mastery of abilities so that teaching skills can be realized, and it corresponds precisely to the IKO kiteboard teaching methods, which are recognized as the international standard in kiteboard teaching. Safety, practical environment, analysis, technique, teaching psychology and live situation abilities are developed.

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