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The Srilanka Kite school Team
A Kitesurfing lesson at Srilanka Kite school
A Kitesurfing lesson at Srilanka Kite school



Srilankakite is the only IKO center in Sri Lanka. IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organisation. All our instructors are multi-lingual and IKO certified instructors.

We are the only kite camp where the accommodation and kite center are located at the edge of the lagoon, making it possible to land and launch directly on the kite spot.

At Srilankakite we offer a complete program of kitesurfing courses that will take you from the beginner level to an advanced complete kiteboarder.

Our teaching area is in a secure lagoon with flat water between 2 sandbanks and the wind direction is usually side or side/off shore.

We have our own private teaching area and due to the shape of the lagoon, you can always come back to land which guarantees a very safe and hassle free learning environment.

Safety is paramount to us, helmet and life jackets are mandatory and will be provided for all courses. We always have a rescue boat ready in the lagoon in case you need assistance from our staff.

Students participating in any course activities are liability insured and limited equipment insured. All kiteboarding equipment is included in the course price, unless stated so in the coaching programs.

All Kitesurfing lessons come complete with a IKO kitesurfing licence.

We have different courses to fit your needs !

All our beginner kitesurfing courses , Discovery , Level 1 (3h) , Level 2 (6h) , Level 3 (9h) can be done as a private or semi private course depending on your preference and the availability of the instructors as well as a partner with similar level and body weight.

Discovery Course (1h) :
Starting to kite is very exiting but must be done in a safe way, for your first sensations with the kite we will use our smaller trainer kites so that you learn how to fly the kite independently and in a safe way.

Level 1 Course (3h) :
The IKO level 1 Kiteboarding course starts with kite flying practices using the trainer kite. After you know how to control the trainer kite, we will teach you how to set up a 4/5 line kite. With the small tube kite, we learn the steering, power control and we practice a lot with our safety systems. We will also practice on regular landing and launching as well as water relaunching after a crash.

Level 2 Course (6h) :
The IKO level 2 kiteboarding course continues after we have mastered all the IKO level 1 exercises. In this course, we will learn how to generate energy with the kite and do some body- dragged exercises without the board. All exercises are practiced on both sides. We will also learn how to recover your board in deep water and come back to the beach. An important part of our kiteboarding course is the self rescue where learn how to pack down the equipment in the water in case of equipment failure.

Once we mastered all the basic kite skills in Level 2, we are then ready to use the board and go for our first waterstart attempts !

Level 3 Course (9h) :
With all the kite basics done we now focus purely on riding on the board. In Level 3, we will learn to waterstart on both sides (left and right), then work on upwind riding as well as ride in between others to become a independent kiteboarder.

Coaching with or without equipment (1h) :
Has it been a while since you were last kiteboarding and you need some help getting back on track? Do you want to learn a new trick?

We have a highly experienced team with years of experience and we will help you take your riding to the next level! Whether you want to do your first jump or backroll, ride unhooked, do more advanced manuevers like handle passes or want to learn to ride strapless and jump with a surfboard! Our team of coaches will help you get there!

Sri Lankan VAT is included in the price. Please bring your own booties and pump if available.


Basic course package Price Duration for 2 persons Duration for 1 person
Trainer kite, setup, safety systems, wind theory, launching and landing, water relaunch.
100 USD 3h 2h
Walking with kite, bodh dragging, board recovery and self rescue.
200 USD 6h 4h
Water start simulation and practice, riding excercises.
300 USD 9h 6h

Premium lesson package (1:1) Price Duration
Any lessons from level 2 onwards. 1:1 ratio with instructor complete with 2-way bluetooth radio system.
120 USD 2h

Best for maximum progress, always in contact with your instructor!

Coaching ** Excl. gear Incl. gear
1 hour private coaching lesson
50 USD 70 USD
1 hour group coaching lesson (max 2 persons)
35 USD 50 USD

** Radio upgrade +10 USD / hour

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For our experienced kiters, we have a full set of rental kitesurfing equipment available.
All gear is 100% North Kiteboarding equipment and you can even have a chance to test the latest prototypes for the following year !

Riders must be able to show valid IKO Level 3K license or equivalent. Or demonstrate necessary skills required of an independent rider, such as riding in both directions upwind between other riders, must understand and respecting the right of way rules. They also must be able to retrieve their board by themselves.

Our safety boat and staff provide help in case needed!



*Complete Pack = kite+ Bar + board, harness

Above prices do not include equipment insurance.
1/2 DAY US$ 55
US$ 30 US$ 20 US$ 9 US$ 5
1 DAY US$ 80
US$ 55 US$ 27 US$ 15 US$ 7
3 DAYS US$ 200
US$ 130 US$ 65 US$ 30 US$ 13
5 DAYS US$ 300
US$ 185 US$ 105 US$ 45 US$ 20
1 WEEK US$ 410
US$ 210 US$ 130 US$ 65 US$ 30
2 WEEKS US$ 700
US$ 360 US$ 230 US$ 110 US$ 45